Why Choose a Roof-top Tent?

While we still enjoy the thrill of backpack camping, there are countless practical and safety benefits to choosing a roof-mounted tent. Whether going solo or with a group, roof-top tents give you greater flexibility and more time adventuring.


5 Reasons to Choose a Roof-Top Tent

1. Set up is quick and easy

You'll spend less time setting up your camp and more time exploring. A roof-mounted tent attaches to your car or SUV's roof rack, which usually can be installed in a couple hours. Once you're ready to set-up camp, unfolding the tent and securing the rain-flies to the base takes less than a minute.


2. Rough terrain? No problem

One of the greatest benefits we've found is that uneven or swampy terrain no longer poses an issue with a roof-mount tent. If your vehicle can park safely then you can set up camp, whether on rocky, muddy, or uneven ground.


3. Enjoy a better view

Being 5 to 6 feet above ground gives you a better view of the sunrise over the horizon. All Treeline brand tents come standard with a full-length, frost-proof window in the canopy. Except for the Mojave series which has one sky-light, all tents come with dual sky-lights for stargazing.


4. Store more

The Treeline 4th generation tents provide ample and easy storage for your bedding during travel. The unique ladder strap allows you to retract the ladder, clip the strap, and free up even more space under the tent vestibule. By freeing up space in your car, your set-up is as easy as possible when you set up camp for the night.


5. Stay safe from predators and insects

Being off the ground means that you can sleep safely knowing you'll be unbothered by snakes, centipedes, coyotes, and other wildlife.


Setting up a Treeline Roof-Top Tent is quick and easy. Watch the experts show you how it's done below.